Heron Live Hotel is a place full of the elements and the energy which we derive from nature - from the neighboring mountains, peaceful forest, and the element of water.


Residence in the heart of nature
Situated in Lesser Poland in Sienna, Heron Live Hotel is a combination of a tasteful hotel, an exclusive SPA and a high range place for business meetings. The hotel which has excellent transport links, is hidden in forest wilderness by the Rożnowskie Lake and it is suitable for people who want "more".
The hotel is full of life and energy, combined with attractive and peaceful surrouning it creates a great offer. Heron Live Hotel is an individualist, you can find dynamics there, which is a part of our DNA. Heron Live Hotel - energy straight from nature.

Some history

Heron did not come to be by chance!

The lands on which our hotel stands abound in the stories of robbers and of a treasure hidden by the Peruvian Incas in the eighteenth century - the fact which was confirmed by historians.

But let's start from the beginning.

A long time ago...


A long time ago, in the forests surrounding Lake Rożnów lived the Incas, who looted and harassed local people with their Peruvian magic that led to crop failures, diseases and other curses. The local population were helped in the struggle with the unwelcome intruders by a golden heron that lived on the shores of Lake Rożnów and could speak the human language. The bird would warn the local people against the threats of the Incas, especially as it understood their speech and could learn about their hostile intentions. The Incas had a considerable treasure, but they knew that if they tried to hide it, the bird would reveal its location to the local people, who have suffered poverty and oppression. For this reason, the intruders tried to kill the golden heron. One day the bird got caught, but the Incas’ attempts at depriving the proud bird of its life proved ineffective, as the heron was immortal. Swearing, furious Incas cast Peruvian spells on the bird and hid it in the trunk of a tree in the local forest, warning the local people, that whoever tried to free it would lose their sight and the heron would never again understand the human voice.

A century later, the French explorer and treasure hunter Poul Martell, who had heard of the hidden Incan treasure, arrived on the shores of Lake Rożnów to search for the hidden trove. Exhausted after a long journey, he stopped to rest in a place called Sienna. He settled comfortably in the woods under a tree, but while falling asleep, he heard a cry for help. He realized that the groans were coming out of a tree trunk. When he freed the poor creature trapped inside, to his surprise he saw a golden heron. Ąlas, as the curse had foretold, the traveler went blind, and the heron can still be seen in the vicinity of Lake Rożnów, where it uses its body language to point to our hotel.

Despite the numerous construction works carried out on the site, the treasure has not been found, but who knows, maybe a day will come when somebody finally finds it...