Marina Gallery is a place located on the lowest level of Heron Live Hotel ***** in Marina Restaurant, right above Rożnowskie Lake. The concept of the Gallery is monthly exhibitions of various artists from around the worls presenting their paintings, graphics or photographs. Every exhibition leaves one painting in the Hotel. After one year of exhibitions in the Marina Gallery the paintings will be auctioned.


07.04.2017 Marina Restaurant

Opening night of Bartosz Frączek paintings exhibition

07.04.2017 Marina Restaurant



dialog z malarstwem abstrakcyjnym

Sarah Bowyer is an Italian-English artist. She lived in Iran, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India and Italy. In order to achieve this multicultural and empirical aspects in her multilingual art, the artist is working on presenting various plans accompanying human sensitivity, from the most intimate and emotional to the most intellectual and external. The exhibition is a comeback to drawing after twenty years of painting.


Nie stawiam pytań, nie daje odpowiedzi. Czasem wskazuję kierunek. Resztę pozostawiam odbiorcy, by mógł własny świat innym spojrzeniem zobaczyć.

Michał Liszka



07.04.2017 – PAINTING Bartosz Frączek  

05.05.2017 – GRAPHIC Kamila Bednarska

02.06.2017 – PAINTING Sarah Bowyer

07.07.2017 – PAINTING Horea T. Salagean  & Diana Suiugan

04.08.2017 – PAINTING Michał Liszka

01.09.2017 – PHOTOGRAPHY Bernard Naghi

06.10.2017 – GRAPHIC Magdalena Uchman

10.11.2017 – PAINTING Hid Iwlif

01.12.2017 – PAINTING Blake Brusher

05.01.2018 – PAINTING Artur Cegliński

02.02.2018 – PAINTING Jakub Jakubowski